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The Art of Male Makeup

The Art of Male Makeup

By David Horne, Mark Bowles & Spob O’Brien

This exciting collaborative book project led by David Horne, uniquely explores the subject of masculinity and its relationship with makeup, hair and art.

The Art of Male Makeup book  
  • Makeup by Mark Bowles
  • Hair by Spob O’brien
  • Styling by David Horne
  • Photography by Daniel Ellyot Moore
  • Illustrations by Achraf Amiri
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The Art of Male Makeup book

A tool for the future generation of makeup artists

As a professional makeup artist and qualified academic educator, I could not find a reference book of this specific genre of makeup so I felt compelled to just make one happen.

David Horne

As seen on Pixiewoo.com and Beauty And The Boy

“A must have makeup student reference book”

Makeup is about self expression and confidence, the book is there to show what can be achieved and offer advice should someone want to create a more masculine edge to their work or appearance.

Mark Bowles

“One week in London we created a visual statement”

Male makeup can be anything from stealth to theatrical, from invisible to visible. Either way, it’s at the control of the male and how he chooses to express himself.

David Horne

“Introducing a new perspective, a new voice and methodology”

The book is a ‘go to’ guide, a point of reference to help artists and students be inspired by the canvas of a male face in an industry dominated by feminine beauty techniques.

Mark Bowles

Matinee Idol