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“Best makeup school to attend for technique, history, creative thinking, colour theory etc.”


House of GlamDolls

It was the best training I have ever been to! David was so nice and made it sound so easy for all of us to do the impossible tasks, I didn't even think I could do all those make ups… The best two days ever. Look forward to see you again soon xxx

Tanya Boseva

I just wanted to say thank you for the finishing touch course last week! I’ve had a great time, and left feeling really inspired and with a lot of new techniques and tricks in how to perfect a look. I’ve used the ten steps already, and it has made a massive difference in my end product. I’m on my way to a shoot now, and will definitely be using the tools I was taught. Thank you again.

Elbie van Eeden

House of GlamDolls

I think yoda is definitely the perfect choice of name for David Horne… knowledge in everything from product to skill. Honestly can’t thank you enough for everything in my 5 day course, I will be back for more to develop myself and I can’t recommend enough. This is your guy to get where you need to be… And you will have fun in the process, such a genuine and down to earth team at house of glamdolls!!!! I’m counting down to returning #glamhome

Rachael Monson

What I have learnt from David Horne, has stayed with me as fresh as ever! You are an excellent teacher David! Your classes were not only fun, but there was so much to learn, and amazing part was the mixing and blending, I’m sure if you are given just one colour, even if it’s black, you would make wonders with it! You are an artist! Love your work.

Billi A Bukhari

I cannot thank you enough. You have taught me, inspired me, suprised me, and had confidence in me to succeed and push myself beyond what I thought was possible. Your wisdom and knowledge are second to none, David you are a World-class Makeup Artist and Educator and you will only grow stronger in your next chapters. Thank you for everything, I owe so much to you!

Rebecca Francis Makeup

House of GlamDolls

What can I say? The space and atmosphere is adorable! Chinyee is adorable: she received me so well and was so patient when giving me information. And David? He is a master: calm, peaceful, challenging, humble, knowledgeble, wise and encouraging. He does not only do makeup, he thinks makeup!!!

Fernanda Si Llo

You could ask for no better teacher. Because to his considerable experience and talent David brings a humanity and empathy that goes above and beyond and cements his reputation for real excellence.

Merri Mayers

House of GlamDolls

I feel totally renewed and inspired after completing the House of Glamdolls’ eye course this weekend. David has given me so many skills that I can’t wait to work with. Even as somebody who had been working in the “industry” for a long time, I found this course a complete revelation. Thank you so much.

Jorden Whiffin

I would just like to say what a huge difference House of GlamDolls has made to me so far. 5 days into the course I have progressed so much already. Thank you so much for this amazing course David Horne and lovely Chinyee Chu xx

Per Sis

I attended the 5 day course last week and had THE most amazing week, no word of a lie! I was quite nervous attending the course after all it is David Horne (Yoda) teaching you, however my worries were quickly gone when I met Chinyee and David on the Monday Morning. At the moment I am currently studying make-up at university and still found the course so beneficial and came away learning so much more about the industry which I have not yet been told about (or ever will!) at university. This course in my opinion is suitable for anyone with a passion, determination and love for the make-up industry.

The House of Glamdolls is super easy to get to as well, a simple 10 minute walk from the station so dont let that put you off if you’re worried about the travelling or distance.

I can’t thank Chinyee and David for the week I've had, definitely made some special memories! Just be warned the only downside is, the time just flies by! Excited to be returning to the House of Glamdolls in the future to attend more courses.

Ruth Brabiner

As a former student of David Horne, I can say with absolute conviction that he is a true master of make-up, and one of the finest creative minds I’ve ever met. His endless enthusiasm and determination for pushing the boundaries of make-up so that others are inspired to follow, are what I believe continue to make him a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

David’s teaching is inspiring, empowering and challenging. His infectious passion for colour and learning gives his students the gift of believing that we too can be the greatest make-up artists we can be.

Whether an aspiring or established make-up artist, I would highly recommend being taught by David.

Claire Woyton

The course was fantastic. Really Informative, relaxed and informal. David and Chinyee have this way of making you feel really comfortable. They are both so humble and down to earth.

You can clearly see that David genuinely cares and really wants people to succeed. He freely passes all of his knowledge and secrets of the trade and has no hidden agenda. David breaks down makeup looks in such a logical way making sure you don't feel overwhelmed. He watched closely and really helped changed my bad habits into good ones! Now I know why he is called Yoda.

I trained with other make artists who were far more experienced yet David managed to address each of our individual needs and made me feel just as worthy. I also love the fact that the make up used at the school is a good mix of high and low end brands which means people like me who are just starting out do not have to break the bank when makeup shopping!

Fiona McNicholas

I was taught makeup by many people and never felt challenged… until I was taught by David Horne. His course gave me ultra strong foundations as a makeup artist and the confidence to stretch and challenge myself. He inspired me so much as a teacher that years later, I too became a teacher. Yet I still feel there is so much I can learn from him, so much so that I dedicated an entire chapter in my thesis to his innovative teaching and work. I still attend his classes wherever possible and he never fails to deliver. If there was one key thing that sets him aside from all other educators it is that he really genuinely cares not only about what he is teaching but about his students too. I could not recommend a better person to learn from.

Bano Inayit

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