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“Best makeup school to attend for technique, history, creative thinking, colour theory etc.”


House of GlamDolls

David is one of a kind teacher. He is so informative and breaks down the information into basic / techniques / art / history while also making you laugh. It was a mixed group today with pros and non pros, but David made it easy mixing the information so we all benefited.

Hannah Monk

David is an amazing teacher with a wealth of experience and knowledge. I learnt so much and realised that there is so much more to the art and technique of make up than I thought. I didn't want the course to end and left with a drive to learn more from him. I'll definitely be returning to learn more to reach that professional level and standard. David and Chinyee are a great team and very inspirational - Thank you both!

Bindu Dohil

House of GlamDolls

David is a natural teacher and sets everything out in clear steps to perfect your makeup technique. We had a good balance of theory and practical and just the right amount of challenge to make us realise makeup isn't as easy as it looks. Chinyee was so helpful with any queries I had about the course, and both her and David have a wealth of industry knowledge which is fascinating to listen to.

Hannah Biggerstaff

David has so much knowledge and so many skills to share and will make you laugh every week! Chinyee could not have been nicer, more helpful or more welcoming! Amazing recommendations for the best products available and it really felt like you were getting David’s lifetime of knowledge packed into 8 weeks!

Morgan Holland

For anyone who is thinking about pursuing a career in make-up artistry or wants to brush up on certain skills I cannot recommend The House of Glamdolls enough!! After completing the ‘Introduction to Professional Makeup Artistry’ and ‘Mastering Eyes’ courses my confidence to move on in this inspiring creative field has been lifted to another level. The school is such a fantastic environment to be in, with all the latest products and tools at your fingertips.

Aaron Whitty

House of GlamDolls

David and Chinyee have got everything right. If you’re looking for a place to learn the craft of makeup artistry, improve on your craft or you're just a bit lost and aren’t sure which avenue to take, don’t even look any further than House of Glamdolls.

Kimberley Vickers

House of glamdolls have nailed it! David is an excellent teacher - he and Chinyee make you feel incredibly welcome. He's engaging and interested in what you want out of the class. He pitched the introductory course I went on with the right balance of detailed technique and product knowledge with a generous sprinkling of humour.

Katherine Jefferies

House of GlamDolls

At House of Glamdolls, you don’t just get expert makeup application tuition, David Horne also discusses the psychology behind makeup, and makes references to art throughout, and he’s also very funny. David has a great teaching style, allowing students to and to practice their skills and giving constructive feedback as you work.

Laura Kalirai

The school is like a makeup wonderland with wall to wall products to experiment with. I have learned new skills, techniques, used new products and had fabulous mentoring. It was hilarity and learning all rolled into one. Definitely money well spent and very affordable.

Lesley Devlin

David’s experience and knowledge in every area of the industry, shines through with every word when he teaches, and he somehow manages to have a mixed classroom of unskilled beginners such as myself alongside more talented artists on a refresher basis learning together at our own pace until we feel comfortable that we have learnt each section in depth - he teaches very technical make up artist skills to ensure you will always crack each aspect whether it is eyes, lips or skin every time after. Can't praise him enough he is super intelligent and compassionate and hilarious which makes the hardcore learning a fun process!

Chinyee is also the super welcoming, cool and relaxed business side of the school, and helps with any queries you have and makes effort to interact with us too so you feel like you're part of the house of glamdolls community too as a student - she's lovely and thanks so much for the help I received! :)

Thanks to House of GlamDolls the course has been invaluable for me at the start of a brand new career! It's been fantastic I can't wait to go back!

Abigail Flaherty

Well. What can I say about House of GlamDolls…? It is both satisfying and fulfilling but totally addictive and leaves you wanting more! David is a make up wizard who had us all under his spell. When he talks - you want to listen. He is so compelling, engaging and knowledgeable that we could have sat there for hours in some hypnotic trance listening to him. He has a gift whereby you feel like everything he is telling you is a special inside secret that has never been told. Each time he teaches you something new it is as though he is saying it for the first time as it is always with such passion and vigour and it is so intoxicating!

The minute you walk through the door you instantly feel inspired and as though you are somewhere very exclusive away from the rest of the world - it is so warm and welcoming and you immediately feel like you are part of a little family. It’s real and it’s genuine - no question is a stupid question - you are not judged.

The relationship between David & Chinyee is so lovely and I have never met two people so nice and so genuine. You can tell that both of them have the same end goal which is to teach, encourage and inspire with no hidden agenda. They actually really give a damn which is what sets them worlds apart from any other make up school. What they don’t know about make up and creativity ain’t worth knowing!

Go and see for yourself. You have been warned… you will be ‘Horned’ ;o)

Dani Evans

I’ve just completed the 8 day Sunday course and loved every single minute of it! The class sizes are small which I found to be perfect as it meant that the course structure, whilst still teaching the core skills, could be tailored more specifically to the needs of both the group and the individuals within it.

David is an amazing teacher and with so much experience, is an all knowing guru of the industry. His product and skill knowledge is quite unbelievable actually! What made me realize this more than anything is that people of all skill levels and experience come to him to train and learn. And regardless of whether you have had 10 years in the makeup industry or none what so ever, he has this ability to breakdown exactly what it is you need, teach you the skill and leave you feeling incredibly confident with what you’ve learnt.

Chinyee is so lovely and welcoming. She makes everything so incredibly easy and is always there to answer any questions you might have and offer you guidance from a business perspective. Finally, I feel like I need to mention the wonderland that is the Glamdolls studio! It is a makeup lovers dream! Filled with every imaginable product, brush, shade of glitter, red lipstick and the most incredible wall of sugar, it's the perfect environment to learn and play in.

I can’t recommend this course enough and I know I’ll definitely be back in the future for some more!

Kathleen Turner

I was blown away by how many things and tricks I've learned but also by how amazing David and Chinyee are. Every class was a true bliss - so much fun and knowledge packed in one evening. I’ve asked all of the questions I’ve always wanted to and for the first time ever during my makeup education the answers were clear and straight to the point. David is the most amazing teacher, he has a huge knowledge and is not afraid to share it.

What I really like about this school is that there is so many products & tools from different brands and price ranges and it's a great place to try out and compare everything, before deciding what to get for your personal kit.

This school is great, makes you feel so connected and on top of latest trends. I really recommend choosing House Of GlamDolls, weather you are just starting or been doing makeup for a while and want a refreshment - this is definitely the place to be!

Martyna Parzniewska

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