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We do things differently around here, education in technically constructing makeup element skills and then ultimately demolishing them to enable and unleash your creativity as a design enabled Professional Makeup Artist.


We professionally educate you online how to be a Professional Makeup Artist exploring every element in detail.


David Horne your online educator, is a Professional global Makeup Artist and Professional educator and academic qualified Art & Design Teacher who has over 25+ years working in the Professional Makeup Industry in many varied aspects.


David Horne has vast experience in creating award winning cosmetic product design, is a Makeup book author, a Professional education speaker and competition judge and has trained and consulted for many of the industry leading Professional industry Makeup artists today.


It’s simple …The key to your success is confidence.


This comes from building step-by step technical competence, and that is why you are reading this.


You found the answer. You can learn to build a face.


Now you can finally begin to understand how.


Welcome to The Understanding Series by David Horne.

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