Aimed at those with limited makeup experience

        5 DAY COURSE        





5 Day Course By David Horne


This course is offered either:

[Option A]

Study for 5 consecutive days: 

Therefore the course will take 5 days to complete.


Sunday 6th October 2019- Thursday 10th October 2019

Monday 25th November 2019 - Friday 29th November 2019

Monday 13th January 2020- Friday 18th January 2020


[Option B]

Study Part time for 5 consecutive Saturdays with a week off between each session:

Therefore the course will take 5 weeks to complete.


Saturday 1st February 2020 - Saturday 28th February 2020 

PRO Intro

[Day 1]

  • Building a Micro Kit

  • Flawless base application

  • Camouflage and concealment

  • Blush and bronze techniques

  • Facial sculpting with Light and Shade

[Day 2]

  • Artistry skills: Line [Brows,brow blades, eyelining, flick eyeliner]

  • Artistry skills: Finesse [Eyeshadow foiling, transitions, shading and smoking techniques]

  • Mascara application and false lashes

[Day 3]

  • Artistry skills: Colour [Theory and shade selection and balance]

  • Artistry skills / Lip symmetry


Master Eyes

[Day 4]

  • Managing shading global eye shapes and bone structure

  • Shading and Lining

  • Vertical gradient eye shading / wing makeup

  • Horizontal ombre gradient eye shading

  • Spotlight eye shading

[Day 5]

  • Soft metallic Smoky eye makeup

  • Smoky eye makeup techniques

  • Eye lifting tapes