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The Understanding Series


The Understanding Series by David Horne has been evolved from decades of in person education, observation and academic training and is unique because it breaks down every element of what you need to understand to build your step-by step technical competence.


* We emphasise the initial stage concept of training your skills in black and white [without any emotional colour confusion] to master the techniques of Professional makeup, technical skills, competency and finally enabling your creativity with makeup.


* We teach all the elements you will need.

* Receive a certificate upon completion of the series.


* Each of our 60 minute technical theory sessions is provided by Zoom - LIVE and 1:1 with David Horne, not pre-recorded and unique to you.


* You will be confident in your new skills as you are taught by a trained educator to ensure you are enabled to learn.


* You will also receive a PDF of notes for each session to follow and store for reference.


Our Makeup design education system is a triangle of 3 design stages:


[1] Beginner Level MUA

Construction – This is The Understanding Series to start your education.


We recommend you follow the series in the following booking order for your optimal learning experience:

The Understanding Series - Technical Element Session 

01 - Understanding Professional Makeup Set up

02 - Understanding Colour

03 - Understanding Textures

04 - Understanding Brushes

05 - Understanding Brows

06 - Understanding Shading

07 - Understanding Eye Lining & Lashes

08 - Understanding The Perfect Lip

09 - Understanding Base 1

10 - Understanding Base 2

11 - Understanding Skin Glow

12 - Understanding Balance

13 - Understanding Image Composition

14 - Understanding Facial Geometry

15 - Understanding Renaissance Beauty

16 - Understanding Bridal

17 - Understanding Creative Self Focus & Wellness

18 - Understanding Your Creative Fingerprint

[2] Intermediate Level MUA

Deconstruction – This stage is offered bespoke 1:1 once you have completed The Understanding Series construction skills level.


[3] Advanced Level MUA

Demolition – This stage is offered bespoke 1:1 once you have completed Deconstruction level.

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