Understanding Creativity Bundle (Special Offer)

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Everything you need to know about building creativity with colour, precision and texture inspirations

3 x 1 hour zoom online theory class

How to be creative spontaneously and on demand!

*Understanding key colour theory

* Training your Colour matching skills

* The Pantone system

* Colour trend forecast - how that is done

* CMYK Process Colour

* Saturation v Desaturation

* How to achieve neutrals

* Introducing creative colour into neutral makeup

* Understanding colour combination and harmony

* Kit hero colour products

* Colour mixology

* Colour correction

* Colour confidence

* Colour psychology/ branding

* Mastering Lip Symmetry

* Lip carving

* Perfect nudes

* Perfect red

* Lip tricks/ textures (Molten Gold, Foil, Ombre, Glitter)

* Lip brush recommends

* When client asks ‘What colour suits me?’

* Colour shade recommendation Confidence

* 18 x Texture effects for a makeup artist

* Light absorption versus Light reflection

* Key hero kit products for texture effects

* Texture Confidence

* Texture inspiration hunting


Please note: 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled Zoom session must be given to be eligible to cancel/ reschedule your session, or your session will be deemed void and lost and no refund will be offered as the slot was allocated exclusively to you.

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