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V2 Destiny Emotive Votive Glam Doll

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Emotive Votive GlamDoll

Meet the super cute Emotive Votive Fragrance GlamDolls!

(Please for your safety do not place an Emotive Votive GlamDoll near a burning candle)

Share the magic...bestow upon others or thyself

Each GlamDoll contains 5ml of Fragrance oil either V1 Glow, V2 Destiny, V3 Cupido or V4 Spellbound in a base suspension.

Each beautiful wooden GlamDoll is a high-quality 5 ml glass perfume bottle, complete with lid, cap & string.

Can be a great inexpensive way to explore the emotive votive different fragrances we offer or use as a room or car fragrance diffuser, simply remove the bung and saturate the cork. Hang up or display your GlamDoll!

Please note: Ozonic fragrance for atmospheric mood, not recommended for use on skin.

In the interest of infant safety, do not leave near children as may be harmful if swallowed.


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