We believe the key to being the best Professional Makeup Artist is to focus on your technical 'construction' skills, then use these to be creative and artistic.


Our 123 learning  method is:


* construction

* deconstruction

* abstraction

These essential photographic core theory - practical elements and skills underpin your success on camera.

These are built with us  in Level 1courses.

We strongly advise and encourage working through our courses from Level 1 onward to Level 3 at your own pace to suit your personal needs and budget.

To join our courses at Level 2 you should provide us with examples of your makeup work, to ensure you are matched to the best course for your technical and creative progression.

In a world of sharper HD and Selfie zoom, precision skill is more valued than ever.

Our method teaches you all the key construction skills, how to achieve a method and the best tools and products to equip you for success and confidence.

We can teach you to understand and execute:

* line

* shape

* form

* texture

* space

* balance

* colour